Edwards Coaches Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

The data in this report has been prepared in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

At the time of the snapshot date used for this report, the percentages of employees for Edwards Coaches were 81.46% male and 18.52% female employees.

As very similar to other Transport Companies, Edwards Coaches Ltd have a predominantly male workforce who occupy the majority of roles at all levels in the business.

The Company predominantly employs Coach Drivers that tends to be a male dominant role in the Transport Industry. This is also the case within our Engineering function where the male workforce is prevalent.

The mean and median difference between male and female pay at Edwards Coaches is shown below as a percentage. The percentages show the amount female pay is lower than male pay in the business.  These percentages fall comfortably under the UK average, however, the Company does recognise that improvement is required and that it must do more to encourage more females into the Company particularly in our Driving, Engineering and Senior roles. It has historically been difficult to attract females into Driving and Engineering roles due to the nature of the work such as shift working and heavy industrious work. In 2017 only 6% of 93 applicants for our Engineering Apprentice scheme were female.

Within our Travel and Support functions of the business, females are much more proportionate, however, a lot of the roles in these areas are lower paid than certain Driving and Engineering roles.

Mean and Median Pay Difference

12% mean gender pay gap

13% median gender pay gap

Following an analysis of the data, the Company is confident that the differences in pay between male and female are not role specific but are a reflection of the male / female ratio of employees within the Company. The Company is transparent in its pay rates for most positions.

Edwards Coaches is a diverse business and is committed to maintaining a culture in which diversity and equality of opportunity are actively promoted free from any form of discrimination, where individuals are respected, treated fairly and able to give their best.

We will continue to promote flexible working opportunities and look to assist with career progression.  We will also continue to review our pay structures to ensure that they continue to be gender neutral.

Bonus Pay

Bonus payments 12 months leading up to snapshot date. The proportion of male and females receiving bonus payments.

69% of males received a bonus

22% of females received a bonus

12% is the mean bonus pay gap

27% is the median bonus pay gap

Bonus payments are not business wide. They are role specific and are predominantly paid to drivers and are performance related. Certain roles within the Travel function of the business will also have an opportunity to receive a bonus based on sales targets.

The charts below show the gender distribution across 4 levels of the business.


Quartiles are shown below:


Lower Quartile                  

Male 59%

Female 41%     


Lower Middle Quartile

Male 90%

Female 10%     


Upper Middle Quartile

Male 87%

Female 13%     


Upper Quartile

Male 90%

Female 10%     


I confirm that the above data is accurate

Jason Edwards

Managing Director

Edwards Coaches Ltd